It is with a heavy heart we announce that we will be unable to hold our 2020 Gathering in person due to the COVID- 19 Pandemic.

However, the Sisterhood can still weave our web!

We are holding a virtual Hallows Ritual on October 31st!

We will honor our ancestors and beloved dead, weaving our magick and wielding our will for justice and dismantling patriarchy in its many forms, birthing a new life-affirming paradigm shift for all.

Please join us! 

100% of all donations will be distributed to 5 non-profit organizations that serve girls and women of color,

plus a donation to our beloved Camp where we hold Daughters of Diana Gathering.

To view a list of those organizations, please go to the drop down on the menu bar under "Welcome" to view.

Save the Date for 2021 !

Daughters of Diana Gathering 2021 is

October 28th-31st

pending confirmation of a location 

Daughters of Diana Gathering


Daughters of Diana Gathering (DoD) is an annual gathering of Amazons, Dianic witches, and goddess women who come together for a long weekend at a beautiful mountain camp retreat center in the San Bernardino National Forest in California close to the October holiday known as Hallowmas (Halloween). 


The weekend includes a variety of workshops to empower women, rituals, archery, singing, drumming, dance, and community-building.  Our intention for the gathering is to create a fun, friendly, safe atmosphere where women can deeply connect with themselves, each other, and the natural world – discovering the magic that is within them and all around them. We gather to affirm female sovereignty and our right to speak truth to power.  Our hope is that you leave the weekend feeling renewed, empowered, and reconnected.

We gather near the sabbat of Hallowmas to remember, to consciously end the year that is closing behind us, and empower our sisterhood for the year to come.  We honor and remember our beloved dead, celebrate and renew our sacred selves, and honor the Crone goddesses of the season.

Click here to read more about why we believe gatherings like DoD are important to women and critical to protecting female sovereign space.

She gathers Her daughters by moon and by sun.

She gathers Her daughters, it has begun.

She gathers Her daughters to turn the Wheel.

She gathers Her daughters to learn and heal.

She gathers Her daughters by night and by day.

She gathers Her daughters to lead the way.

(Ruth Barrett)

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Temple of Diana, Inc.

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Daughters of Diana Gathering is a volunteer-run fundraising event for Temple of Diana Inc., a federally recognized national women's Temple, and tax-exempt nonprofit religious, educational, and charitable organization. 


Proceeds raised benefit the programs and yearly operational costs of the Temple.

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