2022 Program is not posted yet!
Enjoy reading about what we offered virtually last year!

The workshop offerings are focused on the seasonal themes of Hallowmas: endings and new beginnings, divination, and healing. We hope that you will enjoy our excellent Temple of Diana teachers of they bring to you what is near and dear to their expertise and their hearts. 
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FRIDAY evening, October 29th, 2021


This 2 hour documentary is comprised of interviews with women who helped make her-story - who were there to shape, lead, and inspire the female and goddess-centered, feminist spiritual tradition of Witchcraft known as the Dianic tradition. Celebrating five decades of women’s wisdom, female magick, and embodied feminism. These interviews explore the emergence of Dianic Witchcraft in Los Angeles in 1971 to the present, the growth of the Dianic community, and personal transformation of individual women. Interviewees are: Z Budapest, Janet Roslund, Ruth Rhiannon Barrett, Cerridwyn RoseLabrys, Letecia Layson, Falcon River, Hestia Bee, and Nicki Harris.

Shown in three time zones! You will be sent all zoom links so you can choose which showing you prefer, or even watch it again! 

Showtime #1: 10am PDT = 1pm EDT = 6pm UK time has been added for our European sisters to view the documentary!

Showtime #2:  4:30pm PDT = 7:30pm EDT with Welcome and Introduction by Ruth Rhiannon Barrett

Showtime #3:  7:30pm PDT = 10pm EDT with Welcome and Introduction by Cerridwyn RoseLabrys

SATURDAY, October 30th

9AM -10:45 PDT (12 NOON -1:45 EDT)



Lilith: a figure of terror to the patriarchy, first independent woman, wild spirit, archetype of autonomy and sovereign womanhood, and in some lore the giver of the dark mirror or scrying glass. Learn about Lilith and how to make and use your own scrying glass for divination and self-knowledge. RSVP REQUIRED for this workshop!  Please provide your email address so we can send you instructions for making your own personal scrying mirror after the weekend concludes. Have a notebook and pen, a conventional hand mirror, and a black veil.

        HESTIA BEE has been involved with Dianic Craft since the late 1980s and is an ordained Temple of Diana Priestess. She currently serves on    Circle of Aradia’s Spiritual Service Circle, whose magickal specialties include ritual design and facilitation, divination, and education. Hestia          holds an undergraduate degree in Women’s Studies and master’s degrees in Counseling, and Behavior Analysis. Circle of Aradia   www.circleofaradia.org


with Kerry Cerridwen

The folk customs of our ancestors are a rich source for creating our own Dianic holy day customs and rituals, either for use in our homes (either for ourselves or with loved ones) or in rituals crafted for small or larger groups. Kerry Cerridwen will share some of the folk beliefs and customs of Samhain and the dark tide of the year, from European and some other cultures, and help you think of ways you can use these traditions in new ways, for your own practice.

        KERRY CERRIDWEN has been on the Goddess path for over 30 years.  She is an ordained Temple of Diana priestess who has given workshops at several Pagan festivals around the country; along with her Dianic practice, she facilitates an online women's Flametending group dedicated to Brigit, and with her family, practices a tradition created jointly with her husband, based on folk traditions, as well as participating in Celtic and Norse Reconstructionist Pagan rituals.  She holds a Master's and a Ph.D. in Folklore & Mythology, and is currently a college professor, who focuses   on women's vernacular religious lives. 

   11AM – 12:45PM PDT (2-3:45PM EDT)

DIVINATION WITH PENDULUMS with Sandy Cybele and Leslie SieAnna

This workshop is for anyone who has used pendulums or is just curious about what they are and how to use them. Together we will explore, share, and practice various ways of using pendulums for divination, from dowsing to yes/no questions to using different question boards.  Participants will need to have something to use for a pendulum, which can be anything hung on a piece of string or a chain from a paperclip, crystal, purchased pendulum, a favorite charm or necklace.  Workshop question boards are available to download and print from the Chalice Moon Grove website, either before or during the workshop, or they can be hand drawn from the given templates.  www.chalicemoongrove.org   

        SANDY CYBELE  is an ordained Dianic Priestess of Inner Knowing through Temple of Diana.  She has taught Dianic classes and workshops for over twenty years and is the convening priestess for monthly full moon circles through Chalice Moon Grove, a Temple of Diana grove.  She loves and uses all kinds of divination tools in her classes and personal practice and is committed to empowering womyn to find and develop their own psychic skills for practical magick in their everyday lives.

       SieANNA IRENE is an ordained Dianic Priestess of Her Sacred Crafts and a co-convening priestess of Chalice Moon Grove, a Temple of Diana grove. Over the last sixteen years she has taught numerous Dianic craft classes and used many types of divination tools, including pendulums.  She inspires her students with the depth of her expert knowledge, enthusiasm, and experience.


Why What You Have Been Told about the Shadow is Wrong and How You Can Bring Forth the Hidden Half of Your Power to Make Life Work

Jungian psychology says that “the shadow is the dark or negative side of someone's personality.” A popular Jungian website says: “This is why the meeting with the personal shadow is considered to be a moral effort. The difficulty of integrating the shadow is huge, if we have to face alone this negative and powerful figure.”  Well, isn’t it just like patriarchy to try to convince you that you have hiding within you some “dark and terrible powerful figure” with which you must now “fight to overcome.” All this is nonsense. There is nothing to fight … just awareness to allow … gently … peacefully.  

Your shadow is not your “negative side,” but rather the hidden or submerged portion of your true power as a woman. In this experience (Ava never calls anything a “workshop” anymore because that just sounds like drudgery), we’ll discuss what the shadow truly is, how you can access this power within you and bring it forth to make your life richer, easier and more heart-connected and more joyful. This work is based on little-known aspects of The Enneagram that few have heard about—even those who have studied the Enneagram.   BRING Optional: paper and pen for taking a quick test and making personal notes

      AVA PARK is certified in The Enneagram, the founder of The Museum of Woman, The Goddess Temple of Orange County, Orange County People for Animals, and only cares about one thing: “nourishing the primal power of Woman to guide the world to goodness.”





HALLOWMAS COMMUNITY RITUALfacilitated by Temple of Diana co-founder, Ruth Rhiannon Barrett and many Temple of Diana Priestesses, ritual facilitators, and guest Priestesses.

A full description of the ritual and how to prepare to participate will be included prior to the Gathering.

     RUTH BARRETT is a Dianic high priestess, seasoned ritualist, educator, author, and pioneering recording artist of original Goddess songs. Ruth redeived her B.A. in Folklore with honors in the major, inherited Z Budapest's Los Angeles ministry in 1980, and has taught magical and ritual arts in the Dianic tradition since then. Ruth is HP emerita of Circle of Aradia, and co-founded Temple of Diana, Inc. She teaches classes online with  http://www.guardiansofthegrove.org

SUNDAY, October 31st

9am -10:45am PDT (12 noon -1:45 EDT)



In this talk we will discover the most common and important plants of the Streghe (Witches) of Italy, their properties, folklore and use.

       CRISTINA "DIANARA" PANDOLFO studies plants through different approaches such as magical-energetic, eco-spiritual as well as botanical and medicinal. Cristina graduated with honors in Landscape Architecture, trained in herbal medicine and horticultural therapy and specialized in healing gardens and therapeutic landscape. She is an ordained Temple of Diana Priestess, and has been teaching classes and workshops about esoteric herbalism and women's spirituality in Italy and abroad since 2010. www.cristinapandolfo.com

FRITH WEAVING with Falcon River

From the ancestral folk of the northern European countries that are Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Germany, the word frith is one of the root words of the modern words for “friend” and “free,” and often translated as “peace.” Frith weaving is the ancient wisdom and practice of conscious community building with our family, our friends, the land wights, and the disir (the female ancestral line). It was understood that women were the frith weavers of their communities. We will explore the concept of frith weaving as a way to re-weave the connections between our families, communities, and our world.
     FALCON RIVER is an ordained Temple of Diana Priestess, and co-founder of Temple of Diana, Inc.  She has helped create and support women's ritual circles since 1976. She has been studying the Norse runes for over 35 years and brings a feminist perspective to interpretations of the runes and other related heathen lore. www.guardiansofthegrove.org

11am – 12:45pm PDT (2-3:45pm EDT)


HECATE OF THE CROSSROADS with Cerridwyn RoseLabrys and Atana MountainAsh

Hecate is an Ancient Greek Triple Goddess of the heavens, the earth, and the Underworld. She is a Crone of the dark moon. In this workshop we will explore Her attributes, and applications for magic, through discussion, song, and meditation. 

       CERRIDWYN ROSELABRYS  began her Dianic journey in 1974, is an ordained Dianic Priestess and has been serving as the center holder for Circle of Aradia since her High Priestess ordination in 2011. She did extensive research studying world cultures and their Goddess roots while pursuing a minor in history. In 1979, she took a master's degree in counseling at USC.  Cerridwyn continues to offer classes,  seasonal and lunar rituals through Circle of Aradia. www.circleofaradia.org


Atana has facilitated Dianic seasonal and lunar rituals in many capacities for the past several years with Circle of Aradia , and currently co-teaches with Cerridwyn RoseLabrys and Hestia Bee. She holds center for in-person monthly Full Moon rituals when it is safe to do so.  Atana graduated summa cum laude with an M.A. and B.A. in European History from UCLA, and holds credentials in teaching and educational administration. Circle of Aradia   www.circleofaradia.org

If women do not know our true, pre-patriarchal history, we are missing one of the most valuable, inspiring and empowering catalysts of our liberation. Our true history is key to restoring the world to a Woman-Life centered civilization. Most human beings alive today know nothing of this history. It is the history of woman-centered egalitarian cultures (matriarchies) that live in harmony with nature, with men honoring and implementing the guidance of women. We will explore this history in a matrix of creation mythologies and scientifically researched information, and then bring it viscerally alive through guided womb-sourced moving meditation.

       VAJRA MA is the leading exponent of women’s womb awakening in feminist spirituality, based on her work starting in the early 1980s. Vajra is an author, contributor to several anthologies, and ordained Temple of Diana Priestess. She is co-founder and president of Shakti Moon Foundation (SMF) whose mission is foster connection to the Source of life defined as Earth and Woman as the holder of community, culture and future generations. www.womens-spirituality.org