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Prepare your space:

Please plan to use your camera and microphone to participate in workshops & ritual.  Please remain muted unless directed by a facilitator.  Please do not record any of the workshops/ritual, and do not take screenshots.  This is to protect the privacy and security of everyone present.


Please note, our event is for natal women only.  We request that during workshops and ritual you be in a private location so that men, boys and other non-participants are not able to observe.  Our ritual is participatory.  By entering the Zoom ritual, you affirm to your sisters that you have taken action to protect our female sovereign space on Zoom.


Also note that our ritual is a sober space.  Kindly refrain from alcohol and other intoxicants during the events.  Women are requested to be fully present to participate actively, not merely as observers.  The chat feature will be disabled for our ritual to avoid distractions.

What You Need to Join a Zoom Meeting (Our Virtual Gathering/Ritual


  • An internet connected computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone

  • Zoom links to your event
  • ID's # and passwords
  • A headset or ear buds (if you’re participating with a laptop) this helps avoid audio feedback



How to Launch Zoom and Participate:

Please have your laptop, tablet or smart phone fully charged and a power source close to you.  Zoom uses a large amount of battery power.  Avoid virtual backgrounds as they use a large amount of bandwidth and can make your internet connection unstable.


Registered participants are provided zoom links and meeting ID and password(s) click the zoom link or go to the Zoom web site at and click on “Join a Meeting” where you can enter the 10-digit Meeting ID number and password.


SELECT SPEAKER VIEW so you will see the facilitator that is speaking and do not miss what is happening.


Temple of Diana complies with all Zoom Terms of Use Policies.

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