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Frequently Asked Questions


When does the Gathering begin and end?

Registered participants are welcome to arrive beginning at 3pm on Thursday, October 29th. Supper, our opening ritual, and evening activities begin. The Gathering ends at 2pm on Sunday, November 1st after the closing ritual.

Do I have to be a Dianic witch, Amazon, or goddess woman to attend the Gathering?

No, but you must be willing to be mistaken for any or all of the above and be comfortable in the presence of wild magical women. You may just find yourself leaving more empowered, inspired, and wanting more of it!

Can I bring my own food?

There is very limited space for women to store their own food at camp, therefore you will need to get permission to bring/store your own food.  Please note this request on your registration form.  The camp is in a remote area and there are no grocery stores nearby.  If you receive permission to bring your own food, please plan to bring what you need for the entire weekend.

Is tent camping available?

No. We will all be in nice warm cabins with hot showers.

Is the site accessible for women with mobility issues?

Mostly. The common areas are all accessible and there is one cabin that is wheelchair accessible. Please indicate any specific needs on your registration form. We will make every effort to accommodate you, but because of camp limitations, we cannot guarantee we can grant every request.  The camp facilities are connected by paved walking paths that do include an incline in some places.  

A very limited number of parking passes will be available for women with specific needs who need to drive/ride in a car to get around camp. When you register you will be asked about what ADA accommodations or special needs you may have.

Is there cell phone reception?

We will be in the mountains, so expect cell service to be limited.  An emergency-only As always, this may depend on your cell service provider.  The camp is in a remote area of the San Bernardino Moland line phone number for the camp’s main office will be provided with registration confirmation packets.


How do I apply to be a vendor at DOD 2020?

Due to space limitations, vending is for DOD presenters only at this time.

How do I find ride share resources?

Women are responsible for coordinating their own travel including ride share. Once you register, you will be directed to a closed Facebook page that can be used for information sharing and travel coordinating with other registrants. However, if you are not a Facebook user please contact to ask questions or get further assistance.  

How do I join closed Facebook group for this gathering?

After you are registered you will get an email with what happens next and how to get you added to the closed Facebook group and join your other registered sisters.  We understand that some of us use a different email and/or name on our Facebook Accounts. To help us send you an invitation to join, please provide the email address and name associated with your Facebook account. 


If you aren't sure; to find your Facebook email address log into your Facebook account. Click on your name/profile picture. Then click on ABOUT. You can find your email under CONTACT and BASIC INFO.


Copy and paste to an email to SUBJECT: Facebook Group


If you do not use facebook, never fear we will be sure to also send direct emails with important information to our registrants. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any issues or concerns at

What are closest airports and transportation to the gathering?

The nearest airport is Ontario (about 50 miles), followed by Burbank (about 100 miles) and LAX (about 100 miles).  Amtrak’s closest station is San Bernardino (about 40 miles).

In the event of snow, the fire service will not allow you on the roads without tire chains and the camp will not provide them.  Please come prepared with chains if you are driving up to camp.

What are the beds like?

They are all twin bunk beds with the exception of a few that are being utilized for women with specific needs.  Please specify on your registration form if you have specific needs regarding a bottom bunk or if you are willing to take a top bunk.  You will need to provide your own bed linens.

What are the cabins like?

Each cabin is different but all cabins have heating, plumbing, and electricity (including outlets).  Each cabin has at least one bathroom and shower that and are shared.

Why is this event for females only?

Daughters of Diana Gathering is dedicated to providing a female-centered spiritual space for women. There are few women's conferences, festivals, and gatherings left that are specifically safe spaces for women and girls to celebrate and honor our power and diversity as female-bodied human beings.  At our Gathering, (as well as all other Temple of Diana rituals, classes, and events,) we agree that an individual’s gender-identity is not equivalent to the sexed body, and cannot erase or replace the experiences of girlhood and the lived experience of all females to navigate, survive, and endeavor to thrive in patriarchy. This is why, as a federally recognized Temple under United States law,  we are able to provide an all-female environment that so many of us need in these challenging times.



by Ruth Barrett 

A woman is a person who is a biological female and identifies and lives as female. Being a woman is to be free to be herself, and express herself as a full human being. This means living her life free from the internal or external limitations of binary gender stereotypes for females dictated by the dominant culture.


Women's Mysteries are at the center of Dianic practice. By "Mysteries" we mean the experiences of the female body from birth, girlhood, into womanhood, and elderhood. These Mysteries include our uterine blood mysteries  (menstruation, birthing, menopause), female sexuality and spirituality, and all the ways that our female bodies inform our diverse life experiences. Part of our work as a feminist spiritual tradition is to keep conscious of, and heal from the insidious ways that misogyny affects our lives. This includes our self-perception through the views of the dominant culture, religion, and cultural inheritance. The commonality girls and women share based on our biological sex transcends other differences in race, sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity, and class. For us, the exploration and celebration of Women's Mysteries is an embodied experience that defies words, and can only be experienced by female individuals. Dianic tradition has centered on the embodied female mysteries for over 40 years. We affirm our ability to be whole-unto-ourselves and as free as the goddess Artemis. We affirm our right to gather as female individuals within our female-only circles to celebrate our rites.


In the current climate where transgender activists seek to eliminate protections based on biological sex, we will not participate in our own oppression and erasure by pretending that

our bodies are insignificant to what makes us female, as girls and women. As spiritual feminists in community with women from diverse backgrounds of race, ethnicity, and class, our common threads that weave us together has been our courage and mutual support to confront our personal and collective historical experiences of physical and sexual violence, and social, political, and economic oppression – all because of our sex -- and to reclaim our female bodies as sacred and as a source of divine wisdom.

We support male individuals in honoring their unique Mysteries of the male body from birth, boyhood, into manhood, and elderhood.


We encourage transgender individuals to create their own rites of passage that address their significant life cycle events from birth into elderhood.

Should I bring my own drumming instruments?

Yes! Please feel free to bring your own drumming instruments and/or percussion toys.  

What about scents, oils and incense?

This is a scent-free event. Yes, we are aware that many of us love our incenses and oils, but we're asking you to please do not bring items that carry a strong scent as many women are sensitive and allergic to them. No one wants a headache from a well-intentioned sister.

What is the parking situation?

There is a parking lot (dirt) large enough to accommodate all of our vehicles. Women will be able to drive to the cabins and unload there. Absolutely no food to be left in cars due to bears.  

Everyone will be asked to back into their parking spaces to allow a straight drive out in case of emergency.  Women will be able to drive up to their cabins to unload/load their belongings, but will then be asked to move cars to the main parking lot near the camp entrance. 

A very limited number of parking passes will be available for women with specific needs who need to drive/ride in a car to get around camp. When you register you will be asked about what ADA accommodations or special needs you may have.

What is the food like?

We get 3 meals and 2 snacks a day served buffet style in the main dining hall. Please add any specific needs you may have to your registration form so we can inform the kitchen staff.  The kitchen staff will provide options for special dietary needs including; gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and vegetarian.

What about cigarettes, alcohol, and non-prescription drugs?

There will be specific locations at camp for tobacco smokers, which will be enforced due to the high fire danger in the area.

Daughters of Diana Gathering is sober space!

This is an alcohol-free, and recreational-drug-free event. Do not bring alcohol or recreational drugs to our Gathering. No refunds will be issued if you are asked to leave, and we really want you to come and have powerful and fun experiences while sober!

What should I bring and where am I going?

The camp is located east of Los Angeles in the San Bernardino Mountains. You'll receive a confirmation letter a few weeks before the gathering via email with a list of suggested items to bring, a map, and directions to camp.  

Please note: The camp is located at an altitude of 6,800 feet. This means that you may get tired or winded more quickly than usual. Please be sure to drink plenty of water to reduce dehydration and the effects of high altitude.  

What is your refund policy?

All Sales are final.  We have a NO Refund Policy.

Visit our Donate page.  You don't have to be attending camp to sponsor a woman or maiden.  All scholarships are awarded on first come, first serve basis. Your financial contribution is a donation that will go a long way to helping another women or girl.  Any amount helps.  

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Labyrinth at our Daughters of Diana Gathering
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