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In earlier, times, the season of Samhain (Hallowmas) was a time of sacrifice, of divination for the new years, and of communion with the dead. To the Northern European people, this season was a time of endings and rest, and the night of October 31 was a moment in times that belonged to neither past nor future, to neither this world nor the other world.  Within the mythic cycle of the Goddess, in Her aspect as Crone, the Goddess deepens into Herself and enters the dream time, the place between the worlds where the past, present, and future exist simultaneously to rest until renewal.


On this holy night between the worlds, we are invited to enter a place stillness and simply be where we are: not moving forward or backward but being utterly present, suspended in the space between past and future. It is here that we listen to the voices in the crackling fire, rain, and wind. We enter the dark season of the year by honoring our beloved dead, remembering the witches who perished in the Burning Times, releasing the year that is closing behind us, and receiving divination guidance with which to dream in the dark. This Hallowmas occurs just days prior to the United States general election. As a community of women concerned with the administration of past four years, we will send our energy toward a change that benefits all of us.

Go To The very edge, Where the old world ends
and something else begins, something else begins.... - (Carolyn hillyer)


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